Our Verdant Toolbox – The Green Cleaners

The things we use to clean your home with have been proven to be some of the most ecologically sound choices we can make.

Most things can be cleaned using just soap and water, and often that is all that is necessary. It saves you money on cleaning products, is safe, and easily biodegrades.

If we have to move up in cleaning power, we will. There is a fine balance between being ecologically sound and being effective, and the cleaners we use are, quite miraculously, both.  We have a lovely citric-acid based bathroom cleaner that will help us knock out grime and scum without knocking out our employees, all while having minimal negative impact on water ways.

We avoid the use of paper towels whenever possible, and opt to use mechanical methods for cleaning instead. This means that our most frequently used cleaner is a good ole’ heap of elbow grease, extra rinses, and microfiber. The germ grabbing ability of this fabric has absolutely no rival in the mechanical cleaning category, can be used for years  if cared for properly.

Some things we do not have, however, are vacuum cleaners and toilet brushes. Each client is required to have a vacuum cleaner and at least one toilet brush for our professionals to use.

Unfortunately, we have recently changed our policies. We do not allow our customers to provide cleaning products for our professionals. This is due to the fact that we cannot feel confident in our employees abilities to use new products without demonstrating to us that they can do so with the results we demand of them.

Above all, our employees and our clients’ safety is of the absolute highest concern. Our employees use cleaning products for many hours of most days of the week, and the cumulative effects of some of these products often cannot be undone. The last thing we would want would be for our employees to work with us for many years, only to find they will be paying the health costs of doing so for the rest of their lives. There are some products that create these problems using them at a scant once a week frequency. We thank you for your understanding and support for our company in providing a safe workplace for our employees.

For more information about our cleaning products, give us a call or contact us.

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